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Visitor-Friendly Website Navigation

The new BakerHostetler website navigation is simple and easy to use. The firm can control and customize menus using the Saturno WebBack ™ content management system.

Large mega menus provide visitors with the ability to search or navigate within specific website sections, helping visitors to find information quickly. For example, the People mega menu below provides search options to locate individual attorneys without the need to visit multiple search pages.

Other mega menus provide the same type of functionality, such as the Office menu, which displays a graphically formatted list of offices along with images.

Instant Page-Level Navigation

Information for each practice group is presented using left column navigation. Clicking any of these left column links will display additional information instantly, without reloading the page. Attorneys, publications, experience, and other information related to a specific practice is quickly and easily accessed in this way.

Big Attorney Bios

For many years firms tried to keep attorney bios short in order to control scrolling and page size. Today firms are able to showcase an attorney's experience by including a wealth of information, while still providing a clean and navigable visitor experience. This biography works almost like an individual minisite, with its own left navigation. Clicking on any of the left column links will display additional bio content instantly, without reloading the page.

Experience examples are provided on the first page of this bio, as experience information is often the most sought by visitors. The bio also includes a high quality, large formatted image, a graphically formatted quote to the right, and other visual elements to balance the presentation. All elements of the bio, including graphical elements, are managed using the WebBack content management system.

Attorney Search

BakerHostetler has nearly 900 lawyers, practicing in many states and multiple countries. The website must provide a powerful but easy to use search that enables visitors to sift through this content quickly, in order to locate bios that are relevant to their needs. The advanced searching tools offered on the website make it easy to locate attorney biographies or contact information by name, area of law, office location, or other criteria – using keyword search and filters. Visitors can type the name of a practice area, industry, law school, or anything else, in order to find matching bios.

News and Media

Large firms publish a variety of different types of content – articles, press releases, client alerts, and more. Visitors need a way to sift through this information to locate content relevant to their needs. The BakerHostetler news and resources landing page provides a way to navigate this large collection of content. The landing page provides featured content in a number of categories, and the left column navigation allows visitors to view content of a specific type, including article, events, blogs, and more.

Experience Management

The WebBack content management system is integrated with the firm's Experience Management and Proposal Center (Saturno EPC) enabling the firm to collect, save, search, and distribute experience information on the firm website or while preparing printed or web-based proposals.


The website provides mobile visitors with a clean and simple interface that is perfectly mobile-friendly.


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